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Animal Technology and Welfare aims to be the medium for animal technologists and all those concerned with the care and welfare of animals used for research purposes to communicate ‘best practice. ATW especially aims to promote and develop the 3Rs particularly in respect of Refinement. More importantly, ATW promotes the generally accepted ‘4th R’, Responsibility. The responsibility that all animal technologists have in ensuring dissemination of ‘best practice’ to every institution using animals in research. ATW enjoys a unique position as the scientific publication for the leading organisations (IAT and EFAT) for the welfare of animals in research.


Our ATW Journal is available to IAT Members and Subscribers online. From January 2020, ATW will be 'Open Access' with a new website design. Until that time, to access the online ATW, IAT Members and Subscribers should Sign up and Login using the link on the right. Institutional access is also available for large organisations.  This is an online unlimited access only subscription and allows multiple access by organisational members.


You can read our journal on IPAD, IPhones, androids and other tablet PC's. Select a volume from the menu and you will be prompted to login.


From January 2020 ATW will be Open Access on a new website. Details of its launch will be available here later in the year..


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