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Issue 1 - April 2015



  • Andrew Blake Tribute Award 2015 winning article

  • Enhanced housing for male rabbits

  • Final 2014 Congress posters

  • AS-ET 2014 – part two


Issue 2 - August 2015



  • The influence of bilateral preputialectomy on aggressive behaviour and incidence of aggression-related injury in group-housed male Swiss mice

  • The naked mole rat – husbandry and maintenance

  • TECH-2-TECH: NACWO Guidelines

  • 15 Poster Presentations

Issue 3 - December 2015



  • Further ideas on enrichment to increase useable surface area in standard mouse cages

  • How to become involved with the Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body (AWERB) – report of a workshop held at the 2015 IAT Congress


    The husbandry of Xenopus: ensuring good care of X.tropicalis and X.laevis
    Concordat on openness on animal research in the UK


    Discuss the implications of openness towards the general public regarding the use of animals in research 191

    and how openness impacts on you professionally and privately

  • 6 Poster Presentations


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