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Volume 16 - 2017
Issue 1 - April 2017



  • Investigation of transportation on rat acclimatisation using novel cage side recording equipment

  • Report of a RSPCA/APHA Meeting on the welfare of wild animals used in research

  • Tech-2-Tech: Thinking outside the Tox

  • What it means for me to be a veterinary technician in biomedical research

  • Preparing to write a scientific abstract

  • Andrew Blake Tribute Award Entries

  • AS-ET Congress 2017 Bursary Competition Essays

  • Congress 2016 Platform Presentation Abstracts

  • Poster Presentations


Issue 2 - August 2017



  • Report of the 2016 RSPCA/UFAW Rodent and Rabbit Welfare Group meeting

  • An inquiry into formal training for support staff: is it necessary in the industry of Animal Science and Technology?

  • Tech-2-Tech How can we use the science of human behaviour change to improve animal welfare of research animals?

  • The Apprenticeship Scheme: what it all means

  • Cooked food for non-human primates: a discussion by the Laboratory Animal Refinement and Enrichment Forum

  • Poster Presentations​


Issue 3 - December 2017



  • Do Buccal swabs from Zebrafish give enough of a sample of DNA to be used as a viable non-invasive method of genotyping?

  • How to be an AWERB champion

  • The current situation in testing of dogs and handlers for animal-assisted activities and therapies in the Czech Republic and potential changes in the field

  • TECH-2-TECH The curious tale of Axolotl enrichment

  • Occupational burnout: a discussion by the Laboratory Animal Refinement and Enrichment Forum

  • AS-ET Special Bursary Competition Essays

  • Congress 2017 Abstracts

  • Poster Presentations

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