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Communications Group
Congress Committee
Registration and Accreditation Board
Board of Moderators
Animal Welfare Group
Board of Educational Policy

IAT Council Structure - Working Groups


The IAT Council has 10 Working Groups that contribue to its operations.  To find out more about the function of each of the groups click the links below:

Board of Educational Policy

The Board of Educational Policy is appointed by Council to advise on educational policy and procedure. Its members are charged with ensuring that the qualifications remain current and appropriate to the latest techniques and knowledge in animal technology. The Board advises Council on criteria for acceptance of qualifications, the maintenance of assessments and associated documents.


• To oversee and be responsible for any matters relating to the awarding organisation with regard to its conditions of recognition to comply with OFQUAL

• Ensure the ability of the awarding organisation to undertake the efficient development, delivery and award of qualifications

• To review; learning outcomes, assessment methods and criteria, rules of combination, unit structure and administration processes of the IAT qualifications

Presidents Advisory Group
ATW Editorial Board
Bulletin Editorial Board
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