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Working with Animals


Lots of people want to work with animals. Many people think that being a vet is the only way to do that, but there are many other jobs where you can work with animals every single day. One of the most rewarding is animal technology.


As an animal technologist you would be responsible for the day-to-day needs of animals in the laboratory, helping care for them, ensuring their welfare, and assisting scientists with their work. This might be at a University, teaching Hospital, Veterinary College or Pharmaceutical company. There are all sorts of places which need committed and caring animal technologists.


Working as an animal technologist can also provide fantastic training opportunities, allowing you to develop your skills and advance your career. Through the IAT’s Career Pathway, you can work your way up from a trainee to a Facility Manager or Specialist.


If you love animals, have an interest in scientific research and would enjoy working in a laboratory, this could be the job for you

Hear about the job from current

Animal Technicians

We are producing a series of case studies. We have interviewed a number of animal technicians from various establishments to find out exactly what it is like working in an animal facility. Click on the image above to read our case studies.

The Career Pathway

The IAT want to make sure that every single animal technologist has access to the best training and opportunities to develop their capabilities. This Pathway is designed to guide you through the different stages of a career in animal technology and ensure these high standards are upheld across the country and even further afield.

Click here to download a PDF version of the Career Pathway

Career Pathway.png

Click the image to see
our Interactive IAT Career Pathway

Animal Technologist: A Caring Career

Read our interactive Careers Brochure online.

The brochure contains a wealth of information about the use of animals in science, the roles of animal technologists, details of the grades and qualifications for animal technologists and useful resource links. 

Caring Career Brochure 2022.png

Click the image to see
the Career Brochure

The IAT is here to support you on this career journey, providing the training and guidance needed to make your career a success.
Click here to see current vacancies

Top tips and advice


We have developed some useful careers advice documents to help kick start your career in Animal Technology

  • CV Savvy

  • Body Talk

  • Letter Writing Techniques

  • Evaluating what's on offer

  • Making references work for you

  • Telephone Techniques

  • Understanding Selection Interviews

  • Discussing Salaries

  • Job Searching

  • Adjusting to your new job

  • Interviewing Skills

How much do animal technologists earn?


Although each employer is different, average salaries in the industry are:


Trainee Technologist   £15000 - £19000

Technologist                 £19000 - £23000

Senior Technologist     £23000 - £31000

Chief Technologist        £31000 - £38000

Manager                         £38000 - £45000+

What do I need to become a trainee?


  • Suitable for school and college leavers with a love of animals

  • Trainee Animal Technologists need a caring attitude and strong organisational skills

  • They carry out the day to day care for the animals, ensuring they are cared for and well looked after at all times, including weekends and Bank holidays and also Christmas Day!

  • If you have relevant science qualifications, even better

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