Registered Animal Technologists (RAnTech)

The Register of Animal Technologists was established in 1985 to promote professionalism in laboratory animal care and enhance standards of animal welfare.

The Register of Animal Technologists demonstrates to the public, to employers and to the regulatory authorities the high ethical standards and qualification of career animal technologists. Individuals are included on the Register who by qualification, experience and personal conduct are considered suitable to promote a culture of care and hold posts of great responsibility in laboratory animal facilities.

The Register


For inclusion on the Register applicants must hold, by examination, the Membership or Fellowship Diploma of the Institute of Animal Technology or equivalent. In addition they must have a minimum of five years relevant experience, including two years post qualification experience.


Suitable applicants will be asked to attend for interview to demonstrate that they understand the legal and moral responsibilities placed on being a Member of the Register.


Registered Animal Technicians, may be identified by the designatory letters "RAnTech".



CPD is the personal obligation of all Registered Animal Technologists.


CPD aims to raise professional standards by demonstrating that Registered Animal Technologists are constantly seeking to improve performance and that investment in learning is an essential part of that commitment


Used appropriately, CPD will provide the RAnTech with knowledge and skills that should be put into practice. Activities should be relevant and current to laboratory animal science, technology and management





The Register is a highly regarded organisation offering immense benefits to its membership:


  • Career Enhancement

  • Elevated status

  • Eligibility for the annual AAALAC Fellowship

  • A high quality certificate confirming your Registered status

  • Professional advice and guidance

  • Access to restricted roles

  • The privilege of using the designatory letters RAnTech after your name


Additional benefits include the support of technical expertise within the Register and being kept up to date with information pertaining to your profession.

Registered Science Technician (RSciTech)


Through a licence, offered by the Science Council, the Royal Society of Biology is able to offer IAT RAnTech's registration as Registered Science Technicians (RSciTech)

AAALAC Fellowship​

This award is presented by AAALAC International through a grant by Priority One Services, Inc. and in cooperation with the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS), the Institute of Animal Technology (IAT), the Medical Research Council (MRC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


If you are an IAT Registered Animal Technologist you are eligible to apply for the fellowship.  The fellowship is valued at more than £3000. The U.K. winner will receive a week-long guest visit to a prestigious biomedical research facility in the U.S. plus complimentary attendance at the AALAS National meeting, the U.S.’s largest laboratory animal science and technology meeting (all registration, travel and lodging expenses are included, along with a daily allowance for meals and out-of-pocket expenses).


For complete details about the Fellowship, please visit the AAALAC International Website


Application Guidance Notes

Application Form

Guide to professional Conduct

RSciTech Application Form