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IAT Council

The IAT Council is responsible for managing the business of the Institute. Council is made up of a maximum of 24 Fellows and Members of the Institute.

Each year a minimum of eight places, or one third of Council, are subject to election by the voting membership

Council Meetings


The IAT Council meets six times per year to discuss the business of the Institute.


Dates of forthcoming Council & Executive meetings can be found on the IAT Calendar.


A brief synopsis of each meeting can be found in the members document library.

Joining Council


Are you thinking of standing for Council but not sure what it involves?


To be eligible to stand for election you must be either a Fellow or Member of the Institute. You should be fully paid up for a minimum of two years prior to nomination and then proposed and seconded by either two Members or Fellows of the Institute or nominated by a branch.


An online election form is also available in the resource list on the right.

Why not speak to a member of Council or contact the IAT Administrator who will put you in touch with one of our Officers. We would be delighted to hear from you.



Articles of Association

Council Election Form

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