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What is Animal Technology?


Animal technology is a specialist profession responsible for the care and welfare of laboratory animals. 


It is an essential and integral part of our science sector. Animal Technology helps scientific research be carried out, new treatments for diseases to be developed, and new methods of diagnosis be identified.


For animal technologists, it’s all about the animals and ensuring the highest standards of care and welfare are upheld. The UK's strict welfare standards help us set our country apart from the rest.


The IAT strives to ensure that the UK continues to lead the way when it comes to standards. That's why we have developed the IAT Career Pathway. This Pathway is designed to promote the highest standards of training and development for Animal Technologists.


A career in animal technology allows you to work with animals every single day and be part of crucial advances in science and medicines. Animal technologists come from various backgrounds; all you need to start is a love of animals.


To find out more about working in animal technology, click here.

The Use of Animals in Research

The Institute recognises and supports the benefits of using animals in research. Its members strongly believe that excellence in animal care and welfare goes hand in hand with excellence in science.


In 1985 a Register of Animal Technologists was established to emphasise the Institute's position regarding the ethical and legal aspects of care of laboratory animals. Many members of the Register, who are bound by a Code of Ethics, are Named Persons under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 as the Named Animal Care & Welfare Officer (NACWO) they are responsible for the care of all animals in designated establishments.


The IAT actively support the three R's - Refinement, Reduction & Replacement. We have expertise in our membership that are able to advise on all aspects of Animal welfare and technology.


We work closely with Animal Welfare organisations to promote best practice and draft guidelines on the care of all laboratory species including rodents, dogs, primates, farm animals, birds and fish.


About the IAT

The IAT was founded in 1950 and is the foremost professional body in the field of Animal Technology.


The IAT’s purpose is to advance knowledge and promote excellence in the care and welfare of animals in science and to enhance the standards and status of those professionally engaged in the care, welfare and use of animals in science.


By our activities we continue to advance and promote excellence in technology and the practice of laboratory animal care and welfare.

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