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The IAT, as a Professional Body, is fully committed to developing, maintaining and supporting a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion where all stakeholders, members, guests and other publics will be treated fairly and with dignity and respect.

As a member of the Science Council, the IAT has declared that we will promote equality, diversion and inclusion through our organisational policies, practices and behaviours and enhance the equality of opportunity through our activities as a professional organisation. This commitment celebrates everyone is different and has something unique to offer whatever their background or circumstances.


Let's Talk Mental Health

Let's Talk Age and Inclusivity

Let's Talk Having a Bit of Hope

Let's Talk Compassion Fatigue 

Let's Talk Coping with Change

Let's Talk Euthanasia

Let's Talk COVID-19

Let's Talk Racism

Let's Talk Disability and the Workplace

Let's Talk Neurodiversity and the Workplace

Let's Talk Health & Wellbeing

Let's Talk Menopause at Work

Useful Resources

IAT Equality and Diversity Update

Wellness Action Plans (WAPs)

Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

Coronavirus and Mental Health

Mental Health Resources during Coronavirus

Coronavirus advice for Employers and Employees

Looking after your Mental Health during Coronavirus

Facts about remote work and Mental Health

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