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Employing Animal Technologists


Employing trained and competent animal technologists is important to ensure that you are complying with UK/EU law and that you are meeting your commitments to animal welfare. That’s why the IAT has developed a Career Pathway that helps organisations which employ animal technologists to properly train and develop staff.


The IAT's purpose is to advance knowledge and promote excellence in the care and welfare of animals in research and to enhance the standards and status of those professionally engaged in the care, welfare and use of animals in science.


The IAT Career Pathway is a universal framework that can be implemented throughout the European Union and worldwide. There are several key benefits of implementing the IAT Career Pathway in your HR and training protocols:


  1. Investing in your staff – the IAT Career Pathway maps the career trajectory of animal technologists. This means that your workforce is motivated, well-trained and eager to implement good practice. 

  2. Saving money when employing new staff – the universality of the IAT Career Pathway means that you do not need to incur additional costs to re-train and upskill new staff. By adopting the IAT Career Pathway, animal technologists are all trained to the highest and nationally recognised standards.

  3. Being an ethical employer – the three Rs (replace, reduce and refine) are at the very heart of the IAT Career Pathway. By ensuring your animal technology staff are trained to the highest standards, you are cementing you reputation as an ethical employer with animal welfare at the heart of your operations.





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