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Named Animal Care & Welfare Officers

Promoting a professional understanding and responsible attitute towards the care and welfare of laboratory animals through training, qualification and experience.

A very high percentage of Named Animal Care and Welfare Officers (NACWO) are members of the IAT. The Institutes' Register or Animal Technologists is, in most instances, referred to when identifying individuals of suitable quality and status to fulfil posts of responsibility in laboratory animal facilities.

About NACWO's


It is our belief that persons named as NACWO within the requirements of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, should be appointed from the list of Registered Animal Technologists.


By adopting such a policy establishments using or breeding animals for biomedical research would demonstrate to all that they take matters of animal welfare seriously and that the interests of the animals are properly served.

NACWO Courses


The Institute is a Home Office recognised Accredited Body for Introductory NACWO Courses.


The Registration & Accreditation Board assesses and accredits Introductory NACWO Courses as required by the Home Office.

Accredited Bodies

Visit our Accredited Bodies' websites for more information on the courses they offer.

Charles River Education

Visit our website for dates of upcoming NACWO Introductory Courses. We also offer Home Office Module courses including Farm Animal and Fish courses.


Learning Curve (Development) Ltd

Visit our website for details and dates of upcoming NACWO Courses, Home Office Module courses and EU Directive workshops


Red Kite Training

Visit our website for dates of upcoming NACWO Introductory Courses and other services we offer, including Home Office licensee training modules and licensee refresher courses.

Cambridge UBS

Visit our website for details, dates and application forms for our accredited NACWO Courses.



NACWO Guidelines

Guidance for applications on ASPeL

Course Accreditation Guide

Accreditation Application Form

Course Evaluation Questionnaire

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