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Continual Professional Development (CPD)

The maintenance and continuous progression of relevant capability and competence.


CPD aims to raise professional standards by demonstrating that Animal Technicians are constantly seeking to improve performance and that investment in learning is an essential part of that commitment. Used appropriately, CPD will provide the Animal Technician with knowledge and skills that should be put into practice

About CPD


The CPD process helps you manage your own development on an ongoing basis. It's function is to help you record, review and reflect on what you learn.


Why is CPD necessary?

  • Professional Obligation

  • Maintains and improves competence

  • Increases job satisfaction

  • Improves career prospects

  • Enhances public confidence

  • Develops managerial and organisational skills

CPD for Technicians


We run courses and workshops to support your continual professional development.


A variety of CPD courses and workshops are run on a regular basis. These courses are continually being developed to meet the latest trends and developments in the industry. Some of these courses include:

  • NACWO Introductory Courses

  • Advanced NACWO Workshops

  • Amphibian Workshops

  • Procedure specific courses


In addition to these courses, our Further Education Modules can be studied individually as CPD. Visit the CLAST Website for more information

Course Providers


The IAT can provide CPD credits to course providers on application.


If you are planning to run a workshop, hold a symposium or have an educational Branch event, you can claim IAT CPD points. Find out how by reading our guide on applying for CPD.


CPD Changes - September 2021

Recording CPD on mySociety

CPD Categories & Activities


Registered Animal Technologists

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