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Animal Welfare Resources

Animal Welfare is one of the IAT's primary roles and concerns. The library of literature below is intended as a useful resource. If you have any useful articles relating to Animal Welfare, please feel free to email them to us.

Click on a topic area below for links to related documents and webpages.

 Guidance Documents

Guide to Professional Conduct

Writing Non-Technical Summaries - a researchers guide

NACWO Guidelines

Guiding Principles for Named Persons (2023)

Animal Research & Human Medicine

A Tool for Efficient Breeding of GA Animals

Guiding principles on good practice for AWERBs

The ethics of research involving animals

Avoiding Mortality Report


Procedures with Care

Recognition & Prevention of Pain, Suffering & Distress in Laboratory Animals (EU Module 5)

Euthanasia in Laboratory Animals (EU Module 6)

Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia for Minor Procedures (EU Module 20)

 A(SP)A 1986

Guide to Professional Conduct

Guidance on the operation of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986

Working with animals taken from the wild

Re-homing and setting free of animals

Use, Keeping Alive and Re-use

Advisory notes on recording and reporting the actual severity of regulated procedures

Advice on Severity classification of genetically altered animals


NC3Rs News Page

2016 NC3Rs/IAT Animal Technicians' Symposium

Housing & Husbandry

Playtime for Rats Workshop

Genetically Altered Mice

Grimace Scales

How to pick up a mouse

Blood Sampling

Responsibility in the use of animals in bioscience research

ARRIVE Guidelines

PREPARE Guidelines

 BBC - Ethics Guide

Animal ethics

Welfare law in the UK

Experimenting on Animals


Animal welfare law in the UK


Housing & Care of Xenopus

Good Practice Guidance on Housing & Care of Xenopus

 Zebra Danio

Body condition scoring for Laboratory Zebrafish

Guidance on the Housing & Care of Zebrafish

 Genetically Altered Mice

Husbandry & Breeding of GA Rodents

The use of Cryopreservation to aid colony management

Assessing welfare and severity of GA mice under Directive 2010/63/EU

Efficient Breeding of Genetically Altered Animals

GA Passports: The key to consistent animal care

Green Clay Treatment for Ulcerative Dermatitis

 Non-Human Primates

The welfare of non-human primates

The use of Primates in Research

 Recommended Books

Introduction to Laboratory Animal Science & Technology. Stephen W. Barnett

Manual of Animal Technology. Stephen W. Barnett

The UFAW Handbook on the Care and Management of Laboratory and Other Research Animals, 8th Edition. 

Management and Welfare of Farm Animals: The UFAW Farm Handbook. Editor:  John Webster

Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia 4th Edition. Paul Flecknell

The Welfare of Animals Used in Research: Practice and Ethics.  Robert C. Hubrecht

Laboratory Animal Law: Legal Control of the Use of Animals in Research, 2nd Edition.  Kevin Dolan

Handbook of Primate Husbandry and Welfare.  Sarah Wolfensohn, Paul Honess

Management of Animal Care and Use Programs in Research, Education, and Testing

 European Commission

Welfare, Invasives and Health Issues related to Exotic Animals and Plants

Animals used for scientific purposes: EU activities to advance alternatives

Caring for Animals aiming for better science: Directive 2010/63/EU

RSPCA Punctuation Logo negative CMYK.png

Animals in Science

Animal Welfare Act

Genetically Alterered Animals

What is Ethical Review

Focus on Severe suffering

The R of Replacement

AALAS Learning Library

AALAS Learning Library

British Veterinary Association

Animal welfare strategy

 Media Extracts Animal Welfare

Welfare of Genetically Modified and Cloned Animals Used for Food

Royal Society - Use of Genetically Modified Animals

 Farm Animals & Pets Farm Animal Welfare Farm Animal Welfare Committee (FAWC) Farm fires: Protecting farm animal welfare

Compassion in World Farming Animal welfare legislation: protecting pets

DEFRA Science & Research Projects: Animal Welfare

Scottish Government: Animal Welfare

European Convention for the Protection of Animals kept for Farming Purposes

COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 98/58/EC: concerning the protection of animals kept for farming purposes

 Environment Enrichment

The Environmental Enrichment Committee (EEC)

Environmental enrichment of laboratory animals used in regulatory toxicology studies

 Operating Procedures

SOP Formatting Daily Check Sheet

Temperature Sheet

Near Miss Register

Monthly Room Record

IVC Animals Room Check Sheet

Experimental Room Check Sheet

Animal Room Checklist

Bottle Washer  Training

Light/Dark Cabinet Training

General Safety Awareness

Xenopus Tank Training


Recovery Cabinet Training

Mouse Husbandry

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