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Employing trained and competent animal technicians or technologists is important to ensure that you are complying with UK/EU law and that you are meeting your commitments to animal welfare. That’s why the IAT has developed a career pathway that helps organisations which employ animal technicians/technologists to properly train and develop staff.


Animal technology is a specialist profession responsible for the care and welfare of laboratory animals. It develops treatments for diseases like diabetes, new methods of diagnosis, carries out scientific research - and that’s for starters. But it’s all about the animals and our strict welfare standards set the UK apart from the rest

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Where can you find a job as an animal technician?

The following establishments typically have an animal facility:

  • Universities

  • Teaching Hospitals

  • Medical and Veterinary Colleges

  • Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Contract Research Facilities

  • Laboratory Animal Breeders

Your local careers office or job centre should be able to inform you of prospective employers in your vicinity. You can also check scientific journals such as Nature and New Scientist for job vacancies



What can you expect to earn as an animal technician?

There are no national scales, variations exist between employers.

An example of midrange scales is shown below:


Trainee Technician: £12000 - £15000

Technician: £15000 - £20000

Senior Technician: £20000 - £28000

Chief Technician: £28000 - £35000

Manager: £35000 - £40000+

Other Resources


We have developed some useful careers advice documents to help kick start your career in Animal Technology.

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LANTRA are the UK’s Sector Skills Council for land-based and environmental industries. They are committed to helping land-based and environmental businesses access the training, qualifications, skills and knowledge they need.


Times Educational Supplement

The IAT are collaborating with the TES - the largest network of teachers in the World. We will soon have a TES profile with more details about teaching animal technology.


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