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IAT Council Structure - Working Groups


The IAT Council has 10 Working Groups that contribue to its operations.  To find out more about the function of each of the groups click the links below:

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Board of Educational Policy
Congress Committee
Animal Welfare Group
Presidents Advisory Group
Registration and Accreditation Board
Board of Moderators
ATW Editorial Board
Bulletin Editorial Board
Presidents Advisory Group

A maximum of 25 Vice Presidents are nominated by the President or Council and elected annually at the AGM. The President’s Advisory Group (PAG) meets annually to review the activities of Council and to support the President in helping to promote and progress the aims of the Institute, including identifying future areas which they feel Council need to address.


• In conjunction with the President, promote the aims and objectives of the IAT

• In conjunction with the President, hold Council to account regarding their activities during the previous year


• In conjunction with the President, identify areas that Council need to consider in the future

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