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IAT Council Structure - Working Groups


The IAT Council has 10 Working Groups that contribue to its operations.  To find out more about the function of each of the groups click the links below:

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Communications Group
Presidents Advisory Group
Congress Committee
Registration and Accreditation Board
Board of Moderators
ATW Editorial Board
Bulletin Editorial Board
Animal Welfare Group
Board of Educational Policy
Board of Moderators

The Board of Moderators are responsible for ensuring that there is standardization across the centres delivering the IAT qualifications, and that the assessment process is reliable, fair, accurate, consistent and relevant.


• Moderators will visit centres and sample a percentage of assessments within the accredited centres to ensure the grades awarded are fair and accurate.  At each visit the centre file will be inspected to ensure it has been updated with the current information


• Moderators will advise providers and attend Board of Moderator standardisation meetings to discuss visit reports

• The moderators will be responsible for meeting with the centre leader and teaching team to establish if the centre is able to meet the Institute’s requirements for centre accreditation or re-accreditation if already accredited. The moderator’s recommendation will be taken to the Board of Moderators for final approval

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