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IAT Tech Month 2023

Take a look at some of the images and videos from this years Tech Month Bingo activities.
TechMonth Council Push up
Biscuit eating

Take part in our weekly quizzes for the chance to win weekly gift vouchers.
There is also a grand prize at the end of the month.

Each weekly winner will receive £25

The Overall winner will receive a £50


Click on the week number to enter the quizzes between the dates shown

Starts: 20th February

Ends: 26th February

Starts: 27th February

Ends: 5th March

Starts: 6th March

Ends: 12th March

Starts: 13th March

Ends: 19th March

Just for fun, download our Tech Month puzzles and complete them during your breaks.


Endangered Mammals Wordsearch

Laboratory Animal

Science Codeword

Mouse Maze

Animal in the House

This is ‘Animal in the House’ where we would like you to take photos of origami animals around your units. There are several templates to be found below which can use to make your animal and then photograph in the most amusing and inventive way. (please keep them clean!!!)

Upload your photos below and these will then be posted here in the Tech Month gallery. The best photo will win £50.

Please ensure you have permission to take photos within your unit

Take a look at the 2023 creations

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