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Animal Technologist Exchange Programme

Providing a network for learning, communication and work experience for Animal Technologists.

In order to provide Animal Technologists with opportunities to develop strong networks, learn about different facilities and programmes of work, share best practice and gain valuable Continuing Professional Development, the Institute of Animal Technology are keen to promote an Animal Technologist exchange programme.

The Programme


The programme gives interested Animal Technologists and Institutions the opportunity to host and arrange visits to other facilities.


The exchange programme provides a great opportunity for people to meet and talk about their own experiences and to develop a network of Animal Technologists to support and learn from each other and further enhance the well-being of animals in our care.

How it Works


The Animal Technologist exchange programme is open to animal technologists, apprentices, and Named Animal Care and Welfare Officers. It is an opportunity for an exchange of ideas and best practice in the care and welfare of animals used in science. The programme is also an opportunity for staff development.


The programme is run by the IAT Animal Welfare Group and any facility interested in sending or hosting animal technologists, apprentices, and Named Animal Care and Welfare Officers should contact:


Exchange of information is key to the success of this programme.

IAT Animal Technologist Exchange Programme

Technician Exchange Forms

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