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IAT Council Structure - Working Groups


The IAT Council has 10 Working Groups that contribue to its operations.  To find out more about the function of each of the groups click the links below:

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Communications Group
Presidents Advisory Group
Congress Committee
Registration and Accreditation Board
Board of Moderators
ATW Editorial Board
Bulletin Editorial Board
Animal Welfare Group
Board of Educational Policy
Animal Welfare Group

The Animal Welfare Group is responsible for leading the NACWO Exchange programme and ensuring that animal welfare advances are communicated to the IAT Membership.


• Develop a resource for animal technologists to access the latest evidence based refinements in the care of laboratory animals; primarily practical refinements which can be implemented in the work place


• Reviewing animal welfare literature and producing reports for the IAT Membership

• Twice yearly updates on NACWO Exchange programme and the production of  a minimum of two articles for the IAT Bulletin or Animal Technology and Welfare per year

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